Application development & Maintainance

Avni Netsys has a well-defined and mature application development and management process which comprises the complete SDLC from business analysis to maintenance and support of the application. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be efficiently divided between the delivery teams separated by geographic locations such as onsite, offsite and offshore. Each of the project phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked with the web based tools, which can be used by our customers.

With Avni Netsys you receive the benefit of successful, high-quality applications without the hassles of learning curves and staffing. Avni Netsys has deep technical expertise as well as strong partnerships and industry experience through strong, collaborative relationships with leading technology companies.

System Integration Services

We connect people, information, systems, and devices in a unified and personalized way ranging from small bespoke applications to enterprise-wide solutions.

Our Systems Integration service is not just about developing and integrating new solutions, but includes getting the most out of legacy applications to prolong returns from existing IT investment. Successfully combining new solutions with established ones can transform the complete enterprise architecture into a single, seamless business system.

Our EI services can help clients become on demand businesses by integrating their business processes end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers and customers to enable them to respond with speed to customer demands, market opportunities or external threats.

Package Application Services – ERP – CRM

Our IT package application services help you automate your value chain through off-the-shelf application packages to seamlessly achieve the desired benefits and the footprint covers the full spectrum of your enterprise needs. Our services and alliances cover Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. Services include:

Strategy and IT Roadmap Consulting
Business Process Reengineering
Package selection and implementation
Version upgrades
Enhancements, maintenance and production support

Infrastructure Services

Avni Netsys Infrastructure Services provides Enterprise Infrastructure solutions through rightsizing technology aligned with the Business needs & Management goals. These services are provided across all IT Infrastructure service domains, through a continuous life cycle of “Plan, Design, Implement/ Migrate and Manage”.

Application Management
Datacenter Services
Desktop Services
Infrastructure & ITIL Consulting
Network Services
DBA Services
Performance Management & Support

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is entering mainstream information technology (IT) as enterprises look at mobility as a key enabler for their business process automation. At Avni Netsys, we look at mobility as a paradigm for efficiency and engagement. We also look at mobility as the means to blend the right access and the right context to provide the right leverage that transforms the way businesses are conducted.

We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that are technologically superior and commercially viable to telecom companies and enterprises. We cover the entire gamut of the advice-innovate- execute-manage cycle.

Our Enterprise Mobility offering is cut into business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), business-to-enterprise (B2E) and machine-to-machine (M2M) segments for automobile, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, travel and logistics, energy and utilities, banking, finance and insurance industries.

Maintenance and Modernization

Avni Netsys application modernization services help modernize legacy systems to enhance flexibility, mitigate risk, minimize disruption, and lower costs. We enable you to address issues in the legacy system such as multiple technology platforms, high cost of maintenance, unsupported systems, shrinking employee expertise, lack of integration, and Web capabilities. The services provide a metrics-based framework to help you choose from different modernization methods – Web enabling, re-engineering, re-hosting, componentization, and new development. They are delivered using the global delivery model.


Testing has taken a paradigm shift from being an end-of-lifecycle activity to managing user experience in the digital landscape. The core of this is the ability to change faster by adopting newer methodologies and delivering higher quality. Cloud, mobile, social, and big data have been the driving technologies behind digital transformation at most companies worldwide. In addition, digital initiatives are driving higher spend on quality. We believe testing services worldwide will reach US$40 billion by the year 2020, with increased spend on transformation initiatives.+

As digital transformation gains momentum, the need for speed-to-market is felt severely by both business and IT. To achieve that pace and flexibility, organizations are adopting agile methods and DevOps principles. In addition, there is an emerging need to have testing teams shift-left and be well-integrated with development teams to ensure that enterprise agility is demonstrated in every aspect.

In all of these changes, there is a strong need to combine the duality of independent and integrated testing. While we see the need for independent testing, it is imperative for us to be integrated with development teams to drive higher order efficiencies. It is also apparent that both of these are complementary and not mutually exclusive making it necessary for QA organizations to bring in the best of both paradigms.

To offer the dual advantage of a team, which can integrate and work effectively with development teams without losing the independence that we offered so far, we are transforming to become the best QA partner, bringing innovation and business value in everything we do.