Avni Netsys is a globally focused software and embeded services provider that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through global software service and consultancy. Based in the silicon valley of india, Bangalore, with an impressive list of clients, the company's highly experienced management team and employees offer you technology solutions that are tailor-made for your business needs.Avni Netsys provides solutions to help companies enhance their enterprise operations and ensure exceptional returns on investment. Our service offerings are varied, covering many different industry verticals and our client engagements include small, medium and large companies. Our comprehensive portfolio of software services and consultancy with a focus on different industry verticals such as Information technology, Process industries, Power plants Automobile, Hospital, Government and health care Telecom and Utilities and our client engagements include small, medium and large companies.

At Avni Netsys we first focus on quality and process, because we know this is where real gains can be achieved. Technical solutions alone do not bring long term improvement. Quality is a top priority for us and we take pride in our solutions. We realise that you will depend your business on our solutions. Often customers turn to us to replace systems, because the original supplier did not show the same commitment to quality that we do. Our solutions are built to fit in with your processes or processes re-engineered to suit a better way of working. Either way, the process and the solution must work together.

We’re a custom built firm developed by Experienced Technology Professionals for Technology Professionals.


One comment we hear repeatedly again from customers is how impressed they are with our technical abilities and breadth of experience. This is achieved through recruitment, retention and training of top professionals and consultant software developers. This is key differentiator for Avni Netsys, as we realised our own staff’s information quotient is the value of our business. We have staff that capable of development of the low level device driver software, those who build enterprise wide solutions and many levels in the middle.